28 Jan

 PhillyGEMS debuted it's speaker series on January 28th at the Elkins Park Library! We welcomed Indira Kwaadu, BSN, RN to speak about her journey in nursing, career options, and what type of personality tends to make a good nurse. She started by talking about her motivation for becoming a nurse, which came from two life experiences. First, her grandmother, who is turning 97 this month, is a nurse who worked in the Navy. Second, as a child her mother was sick and she found herself caring for her, which inspired her to pursue nursing.

Indira also showed the kids a first aid kit and explained the content, went over some common first aid scenarios, such as bleeding and burns, and showed them how to splint a wrist with an ace bandage. The kids then had the opportunity to practice on one another (and their parents!) with ace bandages that they could then take home.

After plenty of time for questions, and a snack, the session ended. Thank you to Indira, who was a fabulous speaker!

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